spiritual teaching

before the bible was formed. people were led by the spirit.

today. we lest forget about spirit. in fact spirit is ancient relic but it still exists, and needs to be recognized. people hath forgotten it bc we’ve now paid more attention to the word.

yet what i realized is….the word cannot be fully understood if it’s a logical approach. 
so the whole technicalities, references, vocabularies, metaphors, and especially Context By Context is only 10% of deciphering. The true deciphering to really what the word can be said is through communicating with the spirit. 

The word without the spirit, is nothing more than just man-knowledge-logic.
it really isnt the true essence, if it’s developed by the mind of man to exist within the mind. 

But if the Word is used through the spirit. Then it is to be understood.
you have to remember. The word was created by the spirit medium. It was not created by logical scientists, or else the word wouldnt be the word….it be more like a science textbook. 

The world today: People dont realize that God is just as real as you are to me.
He is not some universe, or nature, or some figment of your imagination. 
The old testament God is the same god in the New Testament and even now today.

remember the word is a spiritual medium. for the word to be understood it must be taught as spiritual teaching, not a logical comprehension. 
That’s why elders are imperative to our learning. The elders all knew the spirit. They knew how to fuse the 3 constructs together. They taught us well.

There are 2 types of teachers today:
Doctors VS Prophets

Doctors are people in the PhD, MDiV of Biblical Studies, and mastered theology systematics. Their areas are the technical aspects of the bible: the references, the history, theology concepts, teaching methods, ministry, church development.

Prophets are people who focus on the intercession through using the word. 
They dont focus too much on technicalities, they concentrate on the big picture.
And to go in depth, they utilize the spirit into it.

Now we are blessed to have 2 teachers.

But you also have 2 choices on what you want to learn as a student.

Do you want to learn the preparation of what’s going to happen in THIS generation?
Do you want to learn the history, the technicalities, theology, references, context in the bible? 

Do you want to be a Mathlete?
Or another Einstein

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