love takes time






i get it now. eureka!

Love takes time!

There are 4 stages of progression into love.
1st stage: #attraction. to have physical or personal attraction.
2nd stage: #interest. to take participating voluntarily initiative action or interest after the attraction stage sinks in to settle in and resonate.
3rd stage: #like. to enjoy being with the person almost all the time, likes their company, attitude, personality, mind, everything about them. 
4th stage: #love. to trust the person.

But in order to really know how to fall in love or get to the final stage.
Love cannot be forced. the entire meet up must be FLOW. let go, let everything happen, let it FLOW. dont try so hard, dont think so hard, just be, be free, and be you. 

When love is forced or manipulated or controlled through too much logical thinking.
Then it was never love to begin with. It’s now an adulteration. 

Taking the pure innocence, and adulterating the substance for their own abuse. 
i think thats how pornography or sex became the “norm” for the world, that it’s a worldly mentality. 

but thats the difference:
there is having SEX vs MAKING LOVE.
(doing the mechanical objective like a robot zombie OR connecting the heart in the establishment of God’s love)
Have you ever seen two hearts meshing together? 
it looks like this:



Now think of it like this:
Two Hearts. those two hearts represent a husband and a wife.
they are coming together. and the Jesus Fish in the center comes out of the hearts.
That Jesus Fish represents Jesus’ Love between them, that is real love. 
God’s love.

we as not only as believers have a duty to fulfill in this world. to teach people that sex/lust/&porno isnt real love.
i think thats what’s creating all this evil stuff thats plagued the third world countries like human sex trafficking or pedophilia. brainwashed by the devil. 

it really helped me understand the innocence in love when God showed me a picture of two children. a small boy & a little girl. who fell in love at first sight. you gotta think of love as something so pure. that’s what it is. 

what’s not pure is the thought of these two children NSFW in adulterated disgusting thoughts like what if they had sex or orgies and etc. CMON man! you serious???!?!!? 
the hell has this world come to?!?!

and here we have to think with our HEARTS!!!! and not our genitals. 
because it makes me so angry deep down when I see the injustice suffering all bc they just wanted to know what it means to be loved.

anyways. i had to post the video above. bc it def explains and shows the stages of love. 

love takes time to build upon.

that’s why for example. Women can be so attracted to a good looking man instantly, and they will find interest and may even like him, but if there was not enough of a long relationship to build upon with her, then she does not love you yet. bc to fully love someone in a romantic relationship…there needs to be TRUST involved.

see in her mind she is NOT going to expose her body for your pleasure. bc there is no trust involved you know? 

and you cant train your brain to do this, if you just want to sex her up so bad. bc that’s just not cool. and you will FAIL.

if you really want to train yourself how to get to final stage. 
You must create a desert for yourself and live in it: consecration to Jesus. not bc it’s a religion, but bc you wholeheartedly desperately wanna know what it means to love. 
to not only love a female counterpart. but knowing how to have compassion for the sick, the elderly, the brothers, the sisters, the children, the suffering, the people in pain, the rejected, the disabled, the poor, the ones who hate you. 
then only then will you know how to love, and it’s definitely going to hit you in the heart like a HOLLOWPOINT, and you will definitely change into a diff person. 



How did i figure this out?

Its my testimony to this “Dating world”.
So many times I’ve dated, so many years. 
It just got to the point where I truly got disgusted by it. 
i felt like i wasnt being my true self, cuz it ALWAYS felt forced.
i also did not like chasing after women, i just wanted to let it flow and let her come to me. 
There was also a time in my life, where I reached a point, after knowing the “game” on how to hook up with women, it really boosted my cockiness to the tenth degree. i became so arrogant and objectified women at a certain point. 
and it got to the point (after a couple of years of being a player), where I started to ask myself DO I WANNA STAY SINGLE for the rest of my life? DO I WANNA BE A SCUMBAG FOREVER? 
I looked in the mirror. YUCK! what have i become? it was all lies believed and whispered from the devil. ughhhhhh i started balling and made a complete vow to never do this again. i kept it up for 7yrs. For 7 yrs i did not date a single female. 

I kept them all just as a friend only strictly. But it kind of sucked for several women….I could see them feeling a little hurt bc I chose not to be with them more than a friend. 
which also made me realize even more most of the reason why they chose to stick around socializing and hanging out as friends was bc she really liked me. but i kept telling myself that i cannot be involved in any relationship, bc of the vow i promised to God. bc ultimately i did not want to ever become that arrogant player objectifying women in lustful ways ever AGAIN!

you dont know how many times sooo many women threw themselves at me as years went by. Of course, im a man, of course i’ll have lust images. But i had to really quickly run away from them and hide under a rock and commit my life to God instead. 

it seemed like everywhere I went, either to mcdonalds, or on the train, or DMV, or the mall, or the gas station….there was ALWAYS a girl throwing themselves at me. 
it got so ridiculous, that i just had enough of it. I created a desert for my eyes and my mind. To not have a care in the world for a girl period, all on the agenda to AVOID women period, so that i will know how to love. an OXYMORON, isnt it?! hahaha
i avoided women and ignored women at all costs, just so i can learn how to be closer to Jesus, and ultimately also did not want to be that player as i once was before.
So i became single for 7yrs strong.

But dam. I received a new revelation now.
God revealed to me, that in order for a man to know how to experience God’s love in  the most intimate as Jesus’ love… needs woman.
That’s what dawned upon me as I read Genesis: Adam and Eve.
Oooohhhh EUREKA! my dear watson!

and God has been trying to hook me up with a girl. It’s just i fooled my own self using my own motivation, believing in my own lie. that it’s more than okay to still be involved in a relationship. God wants me to have a girlfriend. God never wanted me to be alone. 

Bc to fully understand my true potential as a man, i need woman. 

and so i thought okay God, now i know that you’ve been trying this whole time to hook me up with a girl…i get it now. But she just cant be any girl. she has to be a NINJA!!!! you know what im saying God? She’s gotta be ON POINT, that GAMEFACE, PROFESSIONALISM, a REAL SOLDIER in CHRIST. She’s gotta be a Godly woman. an Ezra, an Esther, a Mary Magdalene, a Ruth, a Joan of Arc. So i cant just get with any girl. so i thought if i could just do this on my own. i felt that i needed much to work on in order to be a good husband or boyfriend. 

But then God told me:
leave that up to the relationship. all the problems, issues are to be Learnt in the relationship process between a man and a woman. That’s how a relationship will build. So it’s just more of a waste of time, if you try hard to fix it on your own by yourself alone. When you could be fixing it with someone who is more than willing to help you. 

a woman is my help meet, a helper. why am i thinking that i could be doing this on my own? and even knowing she wants to help but i just dont receive it.

God also said, you need to not worry about trying to find the perfect girl for you. Trust me, and just stop thinking soo much and trying too hard. I’m gonna hook u up my  son. You have nothing to worry about anymore. Trust me, she IS the perfect girl you’ve been wanting all along.

“Oh” i say. 
*feels overwhelmingly loved.


So now after the testament. now knowing i have nothing to worry about. What do i do next? what is the next step? for 10yrs been trying to know how to love and the relationship aspect and details on how to be a good boyfriend and basically just full on TRAINING. 
but God took all what ive been  working on and solved it. 
So i asked Him, then what do you want me to do now???

He says “GO! TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO LOVE! you’ve come this far, you’ve spent well over a decade trying to know how to love. You are called to LEAD people into love. a LEADER is not a rank, it’s a person who cares about people genuinely. You are my son.”



anywho back on topic, from the very first part.
i really learned how to love people bc I retrained my eyes to see them as siblings. 
Like for a girl, i had to look at her as my own blood sister, bc I have a real biological sister back at home, and what kind of brother would i be if i looked at women in a lustful agenda. So that’s how i learned how to do it, but definitely you cannot do it on your own, you must seek GOD. and ask Him for strength!

and now that i know that love takes PATIENCE. 
it cannot be forced. 

this is the end.







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