A pastor told me to not attend this specific bible college because he warned me it was too conservative for me. But I deeply meditated upon what he said, and reflected. Actually I know he meant well, but I think he is confused with the terms.

I think the ministers do not understand and feel subjected to guidelines in order to make evaluations in ministry.

It has nothing to do with being conservative.

It’s the fact that it’s this “label” bc people do not recognize the organic spirit of anti-institutionalism.

You have to look at it like this the history of pagan Christianity is what sparked this “conservatism” into ministry, that’s why there are Baptist ministers who are not used to all this dancing, praising, ASL, flags, painting as worship mediums. When ACTUALLY, these things have been around since the beginning of the first worship movement when KING DAVID’s TABERNACLE, who hired thousands of worship teams to come and worship 40days and 40nights. And the organic spirit of anti-institutionalism has been around since 70A.D. ever since Apostle Paul & Simon Peter started the first church.

The only reason why these “conservative ministers” like Presbyterians, Methodists, catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Anglicans, Pentecosts do not recognize the organic spirit, is because they have been taught & influenced by the suppression of the institutionalized ministry….which was inspired by the pagan Christianity history started in the early 1400’s I or so believe I think maybe not specific date, but around there in Catholic/ protestant.

Why are ministries still practiced and promoted in this “conservative” way? It’s def not promoting the spirit. 

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