what a terrible week has it been.

lesson learned: do NOT hang out with your secular friends when you havent fully completed saturation in Jesus yet, or YOU will FALL.

but i learned alot through this week.
1.) I am incredibly immature if i turn away from Him.

2.) now i know what it means to be 28yrs old. This transition time is a time of MATURITY.
TO MATURE into a MAN of GOD through JESUS.

3.) From now on always going to wake up in the mornings.
Never live as vampire, why? Bc immaturity reeks in the night stalkers.
Light is truth….duh! Morning! 

4.) I need mature friends. that can only be through church. 

Jesus first, spirit, body, focus, brain, heart, soul.

putting the sin first or the body, strips the spirit away, causing no focus, lack of motivation, cold heart, depression of soul, enemy talks.


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