Update: God’s plan unfolding little by little

Sorry man, i’ve been super busy.
Like man these last few weeks have been an experience.
1.) Like i’ve been trying so hard to fix my sleeping schedule. It’s sooo hard.
I’ve been getting BAD insomnia problems.
Which made me realize and be aware of the psychological characteristic traits, effects, and behavior it causes when you live as a night stalker vs a day walker.
And i’ve been trying to get back to the day walker mode.
its been hard for me.
2.) The other thing that i’ve been busy with is just learning, researching, studying all kinds of supernatural prophetics in the spiritual realm of Christ. through youtube, wikipedia, google.
I’m learning sooo much, it’s very fascinating. And I’m getting all what I learned and putting them in notes to be included into my book as well as teachings for an upcoming small group. 
My book has no name yet, but i think i will call it something like:
The Power of the Spirit.
This is just a sample portion of the table of contents:

The Power of the Spirit: Teachings of the Spirit.

Table of Contents:

1.      Lukewarm VS Radical

2.    Heart VS Mind

3.     Treatment
a. Immaturity

4.    The Relationship:
A. How to seek Intimacy with Jesus
B. heart mentality

5.     What Sin does to us when we choose to sin
A. Pornography
i. sex vs making love
B. Immaturity – Drinking, Partying
C. Drugs

6.    Identifying a true help-meet:
Godly woman vs Secular woman

3.) I also recently returned back to my gifts and talents. 
For a long time i thought it wasnt right to do my talents (art, painting, rap, dance, video, etc.) I was told that I was too old for it and that it’s not good to do it at my age. So during my time, i gave up on doing my talents for years and committed to knowing Christ more than my talents. After about 5yrs locked in, I think the Lord Jesus is releasing me to comeback to my talents. And the more I’m journeying on in this life, I have been getting more and more prophetic dreams and visions of me dancing, art, painting, videos, etc. 
And some people say prophetic words that I will be using my talents as an outreach ministry.
It’s not that artistic talents was ever a bad thing, that was actually a lie of the enemy. God genetically put those talents in me since birth, and now im starting to realize that these talents is what makes me happy and myself. Jesus helped release myself back into the talent world again. 
And it’s been soo weird. I’ve been getting emails and voice messages from all kinds of talent companies scouting me: America’s Got Talent, an Acting Talent Agency, So You Think You Can Dance, etc. Yup.
So there was a New Song Dance Ministry created by Enaka. And I am looking forward to that SOON! I cant wait man.
I think I’m the only guy there, the women look at me funny cause I am not just a breakdancer or hip hop dancer, but I can also do ballet. Stereotypes Psh. smh
4.) I’m also in the middle if I should move to Virginia Beach in January. Because I’m interested in attending Bible College. Or if I should stay in the northern virginia area for another year and finish Nova Gen Eds. 
We will see by December. 
5.) I’m trying to start up my own video production freelance business. Where I will help market small businesses with graphic design, web-design, but mostly Video Production.
Which is where I’m trying to do more video editing freelancing at the moment for those who need services. So I can accumulte enough $ to buy a real professional video camera.
Alot of folks asked my help, like your mom, Ashley Moyer, Doug Houser, Alice Beck, Jane Potthast.
Hey Maybe we should work together? Cause you can do web design right?
Yea. Sounds like a plan! What you think?
Okay so rightnow this is my focus plan until Jan 2014.
A.) Teachings:
Finish up writing my book, and teach some of the contents at small group. 
Make a video, put it out on youtube.
B.) Dance:
Gotta lose weight, Toned, start working out: Training for Dance. Ninja Mode.
No dancing just yet, just focus more on training to help prepare for when dance comes in the future.
Must prepare a body in flexibility, agility, lightweight, control, strength, and execution for Dance Ministry.
C.) School:
Nvcc, or GMU, or Bible College.
D.) Market & Video:
Help advertise videos for small businesses.
and create videos with small group to put on new website.
Goals in life of 28yrs old (age 28 – 38: 10 Years span)
I.) Publish Book & Teach Seminars
II.) Education: Bachelors Biblical Studies & M.Div
III.) Dance Ministry: Teach Dance, Perform, & Videos.
IV.) Communications Job: Video Production Business.

Goals in life (older):
i.) Career: Pastor / Teacher in Christian Academy
ii.) 2nd Job: Video Production Company
iii.) Outreach Ministry: Missionary. Travel the world, meet people, experience cultures, have church everywhere, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
iv.) Heal people.


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