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wow. romantic cues are SUBTLE!

but now i understand whats the diff between a romantic cue vs being friendly.

women who are overly friendly like showering you with compliments, or always acknowledging your presence, and giving you ALWAYS intimate hugs. 


but if a woman is doing none of these things, but is still nice to you. then she only thinks of you as a friend, nothing more!

ALTHOUGH there is definitely a way for a friend to become your girlfriend it is through a long mutual close friendship. but that takes TIME.

yet there is a difference between, attraction, admirable, interest, like, want, need, love, in love.

attraction the first stage, just to be physically attracted like a magnet.
admirable 2nd stage, now attracted on a personal and character element.
interest is friendship stage, but cautiously aware slow cognizant pre-relationship…testing the waters here.
like is 4th stage. they enjoy your company.
5th stage: want. they enjoy so much of you, they always wanna be near you.
need 6th stage: want now has turned into need.
7th stage: love. they can trust you.
8th stage: in love. they cant stop thinking about you, all they dream and think about is you 24/7 365.

stage 1: if a woman asks for your number, she is only attracted to you.
stage 2: of a woman giggles around you or always stares at you or looks to you for advice, she admires you like a crush.
stage 3: if a woman is just nice to you, being friendly and she asks you lots of questions she is interested in you, she is curious about who you are wanting to know more.
stage 4: if a woman showers you with compliments, acknowledges your presence and ALWAYS gives you intimate hugs, she LIKES you.
stage 5: a woman will always call you, text you all the time, and even pick you up just to go out and see a movie. she wants to be near you. 
Stage 6: same thing like stage 5, but now its become eager and enthusiastic.
Stage 7: a woman will trust everything you say, trust takes time, lots of time.


get to know me in person not via facebook

The things i do dont make me who i am. a career or hobbies dont define me. It’s who you are inside that does. Actions may speak louder than words but actions wouldnt be validated if it didnt come from inside.

So please dont ask me what I do for a living. 

I am Aram Kim. a Forerunner spirit. A King David practice. Saint Michael’s sword piercing through the shadows. 

I have 2 personalities in 1:
John the Baptist & King David. 

ENTJ Lion. Bloodtype AB. Libra. Ox. Air Element. Ambivert. Entrepreneur. Independent. Organic.
all these are “stereotypes”.

Bboy, Writer, Graffiti Artist, Spoken Word Poet, Designer, Filmmaker.

My passions is people & bboyizm & being me to the fullest. 
I’m a very passionate man, possibly the most open-minded individual you’ve met, i will always try to look at everything in a different perception rather than my own. I’m motivated to learn, bc I’m insatiably curious. 
The shepherds say I’m a renaissance man & a forerunner.
I am not master nor teacher, Only student, always son. 
I am not afraid of anything except God & cancer & scary movies.
by the way i am HIGHLY misunderstood, misjudged, and misinterpreted. so i conclude with this. I am not facebook, get to know me in person! Not analyze me on text or social media.


you have nothing to apologize for

A lot of people who try to change the way you are or try to give you advice on what to say or how you come off, are people who actually care about you. But know this, them trying to conform you into what they think is the best approach from their political preference is not recommended, I so believe.

You have no idea how many times ive been rebuked left and right back and forth. Just being given unwanted advice that I never asked for. But I now realize it is not I who is in the wrong here, nor do I have anything to apologize for just being me. For the people who take you aside and give you their constructive criticism are actually misunderstood and have misjudged you. Yes they love you, and they care about you, but they are forgetting the most fundamental imperative way to really understand you by taking them out of their own element and into how you see things. That ladies and gentlemen is HOW you get to fully understand people. NOT based on what you think about them from what’s appeared or analyzed. I’ve only met 4 people in my entire life that actually emphasize this as the correct way: Ryan Haley & Pastor Matt Park (IHOPKC) & Jimi Finneyfrock & April Beck.

Fact is, people fail to see the validity of my perception based on their own view as an intellectual. by all means correct me, but not before youve had the chance to digest what I have to say. Your refutal should not be a reaction.

i did not fail, i hushed myself and listened slowly to you, and saw it through your eyes, but however i dont think i have anyting to apologize for or change my post because im not the one in the wrong here and its not arrogant or stubborn, i just am standing firm in believing in what i said was more than okay.

And Im not the only out there who could draw the conclusion I did on the basis of the context.
Vice Versa.

But since when was this a popularity contest? I’m not here to conform into what the majority thinks is the “proper” way. This has nothing to do with rebellious or not wanting to submit to authority, this is just me being the way I’m called to be, to truly be myself and speak my mind. And this also has nothing to do with arrogance or stubbornness or close-minded, I am fully cognizant of how I can come off, but I realize now it is not that I need to change about myself, but it is people who need to stop looking at it in their perception and start looking at it in mine. This is where true understanding can begin.

before you make a judgement, get to know them first. the people who actually chilled with you in person via coffee, dinner, movie, roadtrip, travel, close friend are the ones who have the right to give you advice. Not people who dont even know you that well, for that is foolish to just give words to someone they dont know bc they havent seen it in the other’s perspective.

i broadcast a % of myself on facebook. but that doesnt mean you know who i am. if you continue to not try to understand me outside of facebook and continue to choose to view me what you think i am on social media, then you will continue to live in the absence of correct information of who i really am. that is being close minded & judgmental.

this is a very good example how to begin in understanding someone through their eyes.


thats the problem with people. those who care, it is so easy to give advice to people, but they fail to forget one important aspect….is to not view them in their perception, but view them in how they see it in the other person’s eyes. be understanding. then people will truly know where they are coming from.

before you make a judgement, get to know them first. the people who actually chilled with you in person via coffee, dinner, movie, roadtrip, travel, close friend are the ones who have the right to give you advice. Not people who dont even know you that well, for that is foolish to just give words to someone they dont know bc they havent seen it in the other’s perspective.

i broadcast a % of myself on facebook. but that doesnt mean you know who i am. if you continue to not try to understand me outside of facebook and continue to choose to view me what you think i am on social media, then you will continue to live in the absence of correct information of who i really am. that is being close minded & judgmental.

Perception & Leadership

theres a diff betwn having leadership qualities vs being qualified to lead. however God doesnt call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

so with this said, It is revealed to me that its not to be like Jesus. but He wants me to just be me (to just be myself) as His son! from the many congregations that have told me to be like Jesus, i realize its not to be like Him, but to be INSPIRED and encouraged to be like His qualities. bc i realize now i cant be somebody if im not them in the first place. i have flaws. and these flaws make up who i am in the first place. jesus doesnt want me to be like him, he just wants me to be…me! bc he already loves me just the way i am!

so with this said, i am not your typical leader as what society makes this “image” of. my humility doesnt come from to make myself less, but it is to make less of myself. im brash but im not arrogant, it is only the perception that appears prideful. i am passionate man with vibrant heart and a child-like faith, but that doesnt make me immature, only the perception appears fetal. i believe in myself, but that doesnt make me stubborn or closeminded, only perception appears thick-headed. i am being myself, but that doesnt mean im rebellious or not wanting to submit to authority, its only percieved that way bc of how people are quick to jump to conclusions from appearance. hence, its an appearance thing that plays tricks on your perception. im not what you think about me, dont see me through your eyes, but see me inside through mine, and you will truly know who i am.
therefore, i just wanna say, i have nothing to apologize for.  i am not gonna apologize for being myself, for it is actually  people who need to apologize being quick to analyze. although i dont care about an apology anymore, your forgiven.

so many have tried to shut me down and conform me like their politics bc people perceive my behavior in their perception. but now i see that it is not i who is in the wrong here, it is them who only choose to view me in their goggles but not through mine. now it makes sense why im misjudged, misunderstood, & misinterpreted.

so heres some advice. before you make an opinion or make a judgment, dont be so quick, listen slowly, and never see it in your eyes, see it through theirs first.

“those who think those are arrogant or immature are actually arrogant and immature to think that way about them” its called be more understanding.
always be cognizant, for making a judgement needs a long measure of soaking time.
so dont forget that judgments cannot be made hastily, your knowledge & experience does not qualify to invoke discernment. before you discern someone else, you must discern yourself! through this way, you’ll know if your angle of perspective is in the wrong or if he is in the wrong here. study your perspective before you haste a judgment.

so we have to remember that we are not of flesh but of spirit. and the appearance or image is a flesh construct element of physical. we have to remind ourselves that were spiritual beings inside. and we continue to choose to  make judgements from the outside whether it be from behavior appearance, approach, words, and even output then you truly wont understand the true meaning. but if we decide to look beneath the skin you will truly see whats in their heart. thats why before we make a judgment about anybody, its imperative to look into their spirit first. dont judge from the outside, make a judgment from the inside. but you cannot judge their spirit in your eyes, only through their eyes first and foremost. if you continue to base things off your perception, you will lean to the flesh. but if you base things off in their perception, you will not only lean into the spirit but you will comprehend correct information of that person.


Listen to yourself.

Dont listen to anybody, but yourself.
This does not make you arrogant or stubborn or close-minded.
People actually do not know the agenda of what’s in your heart.
People are quick to judge from what’s appeared before them based on how they percieve your tone or words, instead of trying to be understanding.
If people really want to know your agenda, then they need to be quiet and be slow to listening and stop thinking of what to say next but to just listen to you.

How to be understanding? Patience.

The only person who truly knows your agenda is you, God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ. 

People are quick to judge, quick to jump the gun, quick to respond, quick to hear, and quick to think. 

so, of course misinterpretations and misunderstanding will frequent.

People love trying to “help” people, they love it even more when they try to “help” them be like them. Putting them under their wing, coaching/training them so that they become like them. 
It’s all politics. 

Dont ever lose yourself to that trap. You will be unhappy. 
Be you. Be what you were born for and designed as. 


Not Arrogant

Those who perceive others as arrogant are actually arrogant themselves.
Try to be more understanding if you truly want to know what’s in their hearts, instead of quickly jumping to conclusions from what you pick up on their tone or words.

It was revealed to me that I am actually not arrogant.
But it is how others percieve me as based from tone.
“They tend to have a high degree of confidence in their own abilities, making them assertive and outspoken. In their dealings with others, they are generally outgoing, charismatic, fair-minded, and unaffected by conflict or criticism. However, these qualities can make ENTJs appear arrogant, insensitive, and confrontational. They can overwhelm others with their energy and desire to order the world according to their own vision. As a result, they may seem intimidating, hasty, and controlling.”

Keyword: “APPEAR”

Why am i appeared arrogant? Actually I’m not the one who’s arrogant here, when in fact it’s others who perceive me to be arrogant based from misinterpretations of perspective.

Not interested

I am not interested in dating right now.

Earlier the coupla weeks, i was so bored with life i resorted to dating.
I dated a diff girl each day. not a player, just simple dating.

What i learned:
the point of dating is to engage for marriage.
I definitely do not like dating girls younger than the age of 26. #extremelyinsecure & #politics
I definitely like dating older women ages 28 to 40. #noBS #straightforward
I realize now that living a life for yourself is extremely boring and to live a life to meet the needs of your woman is very satisfying. I now understand.

Yet, when you date mature women, You’re setting yourself up for marriage.
And when you date immature girls, you’re not setting yourself up for marriage, but the price you have to pay is that you have to deal with their games.
& Secular relationships are completely meaningless.

so with all that said, I dont plan to get married anytime soon.
And I’m just gonna do me.

It was revealed to me that women are just not interested in maintaining close-friendships with a male. Unless the point is to escalate into dating.
It was also revealed to me that there is no loyalty amongst women unless it concerns politics and persuasion. Popularity or Status is a form of persuasion, an influence to persuade people to trust. So if women are told that a man has high credentials, a job, famous, homeowner, or even has a leadership role of an organization/church/ministry. Then women jump to trustworthiness. But if the man did not advertise any of these things nor were the women ever told about this, there is no trust.
The same goes for politics (political preferences, political tastes), society runs on politics. The general population just chooses to associate with like-minded individuals based on similar interests or background…..that’s politics for you!

took me 10yrs to understand the female species. My what an odd species they are.
But from all the knowledge i know now about women’s psychology, perspective, approach, nonverbal communication.
There is a large % of christian single men who can’t get a single girl to go out with them, and i just want to help you guys out through sharing my knowledge.
This is definitely not to make a player out of you, oh god no, but to help you understand the science of why women chooses to perceive your approach.

I know now that after i just focus on doing me. i will get a horde of females giving me googly eyes.
I hate to break it to yall, but I’ve turned on the “Not Interested Switch”.

No worries though, The switch will turn back on 7 years later.

Through all this realization about women, I meditated and found out what i was truly passionate about: BBOY NINJA TRAINING.

I’m just gonna focus on this, because it was absent from my life for about a year and I need to return to it, it’s what made my heart full of vibrancy in the first place.

Thank you Lord for revealing to me that i was born to be a freedom fighting ninja.