hey that’s unfair. a black belt isnt a state of true mastery based on physical attributes, its not an image.
a black belt defines as what is experience & the knowing of the art (from doctrines/ philosophy/ history/education).

even the truest of true masters dont need a black belt to show true worth. you ever see wudang? the real wudang, not the “wutang clan”, those are real masters too who never needed a black belt to show what physical mastery is. you dont need an institutionalized status of approval to show worthiness of skill like a black belt.

all a black belt really is showing what you’ve achieved. it’s like a trophy that’s all. an award. a nobel prize. a scholarship. for yourself only, to remind that individual or yourself how much you proved yourself you could do it.

a black belt was never intended to show people how much of a master you are to people.

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