Not interested

I am not interested in dating right now.

Earlier the coupla weeks, i was so bored with life i resorted to dating.
I dated a diff girl each day. not a player, just simple dating.

What i learned:
the point of dating is to engage for marriage.
I definitely do not like dating girls younger than the age of 26. #extremelyinsecure & #politics
I definitely like dating older women ages 28 to 40. #noBS #straightforward
I realize now that living a life for yourself is extremely boring and to live a life to meet the needs of your woman is very satisfying. I now understand.

Yet, when you date mature women, You’re setting yourself up for marriage.
And when you date immature girls, you’re not setting yourself up for marriage, but the price you have to pay is that you have to deal with their games.
& Secular relationships are completely meaningless.

so with all that said, I dont plan to get married anytime soon.
And I’m just gonna do me.

It was revealed to me that women are just not interested in maintaining close-friendships with a male. Unless the point is to escalate into dating.
It was also revealed to me that there is no loyalty amongst women unless it concerns politics and persuasion. Popularity or Status is a form of persuasion, an influence to persuade people to trust. So if women are told that a man has high credentials, a job, famous, homeowner, or even has a leadership role of an organization/church/ministry. Then women jump to trustworthiness. But if the man did not advertise any of these things nor were the women ever told about this, there is no trust.
The same goes for politics (political preferences, political tastes), society runs on politics. The general population just chooses to associate with like-minded individuals based on similar interests or background…..that’s politics for you!

took me 10yrs to understand the female species. My what an odd species they are.
But from all the knowledge i know now about women’s psychology, perspective, approach, nonverbal communication.
There is a large % of christian single men who can’t get a single girl to go out with them, and i just want to help you guys out through sharing my knowledge.
This is definitely not to make a player out of you, oh god no, but to help you understand the science of why women chooses to perceive your approach.

I know now that after i just focus on doing me. i will get a horde of females giving me googly eyes.
I hate to break it to yall, but I’ve turned on the “Not Interested Switch”.

No worries though, The switch will turn back on 7 years later.

Through all this realization about women, I meditated and found out what i was truly passionate about: BBOY NINJA TRAINING.

I’m just gonna focus on this, because it was absent from my life for about a year and I need to return to it, it’s what made my heart full of vibrancy in the first place.

Thank you Lord for revealing to me that i was born to be a freedom fighting ninja.

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