get to know me in person not via facebook

The things i do dont make me who i am. a career or hobbies dont define me. It’s who you are inside that does. Actions may speak louder than words but actions wouldnt be validated if it didnt come from inside.

So please dont ask me what I do for a living. 

I am Aram Kim. a Forerunner spirit. A King David practice. Saint Michael’s sword piercing through the shadows. 

I have 2 personalities in 1:
John the Baptist & King David. 

ENTJ Lion. Bloodtype AB. Libra. Ox. Air Element. Ambivert. Entrepreneur. Independent. Organic.
all these are “stereotypes”.

Bboy, Writer, Graffiti Artist, Spoken Word Poet, Designer, Filmmaker.

My passions is people & bboyizm & being me to the fullest. 
I’m a very passionate man, possibly the most open-minded individual you’ve met, i will always try to look at everything in a different perception rather than my own. I’m motivated to learn, bc I’m insatiably curious. 
The shepherds say I’m a renaissance man & a forerunner.
I am not master nor teacher, Only student, always son. 
I am not afraid of anything except God & cancer & scary movies.
by the way i am HIGHLY misunderstood, misjudged, and misinterpreted. so i conclude with this. I am not facebook, get to know me in person! Not analyze me on text or social media.


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