Perception & Leadership

theres a diff betwn having leadership qualities vs being qualified to lead. however God doesnt call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

so with this said, It is revealed to me that its not to be like Jesus. but He wants me to just be me (to just be myself) as His son! from the many congregations that have told me to be like Jesus, i realize its not to be like Him, but to be INSPIRED and encouraged to be like His qualities. bc i realize now i cant be somebody if im not them in the first place. i have flaws. and these flaws make up who i am in the first place. jesus doesnt want me to be like him, he just wants me to be…me! bc he already loves me just the way i am!

so with this said, i am not your typical leader as what society makes this “image” of. my humility doesnt come from to make myself less, but it is to make less of myself. im brash but im not arrogant, it is only the perception that appears prideful. i am passionate man with vibrant heart and a child-like faith, but that doesnt make me immature, only the perception appears fetal. i believe in myself, but that doesnt make me stubborn or closeminded, only perception appears thick-headed. i am being myself, but that doesnt mean im rebellious or not wanting to submit to authority, its only percieved that way bc of how people are quick to jump to conclusions from appearance. hence, its an appearance thing that plays tricks on your perception. im not what you think about me, dont see me through your eyes, but see me inside through mine, and you will truly know who i am.
therefore, i just wanna say, i have nothing to apologize for.  i am not gonna apologize for being myself, for it is actually  people who need to apologize being quick to analyze. although i dont care about an apology anymore, your forgiven.

so many have tried to shut me down and conform me like their politics bc people perceive my behavior in their perception. but now i see that it is not i who is in the wrong here, it is them who only choose to view me in their goggles but not through mine. now it makes sense why im misjudged, misunderstood, & misinterpreted.

so heres some advice. before you make an opinion or make a judgment, dont be so quick, listen slowly, and never see it in your eyes, see it through theirs first.

“those who think those are arrogant or immature are actually arrogant and immature to think that way about them” its called be more understanding.
always be cognizant, for making a judgement needs a long measure of soaking time.
so dont forget that judgments cannot be made hastily, your knowledge & experience does not qualify to invoke discernment. before you discern someone else, you must discern yourself! through this way, you’ll know if your angle of perspective is in the wrong or if he is in the wrong here. study your perspective before you haste a judgment.

so we have to remember that we are not of flesh but of spirit. and the appearance or image is a flesh construct element of physical. we have to remind ourselves that were spiritual beings inside. and we continue to choose to  make judgements from the outside whether it be from behavior appearance, approach, words, and even output then you truly wont understand the true meaning. but if we decide to look beneath the skin you will truly see whats in their heart. thats why before we make a judgment about anybody, its imperative to look into their spirit first. dont judge from the outside, make a judgment from the inside. but you cannot judge their spirit in your eyes, only through their eyes first and foremost. if you continue to base things off your perception, you will lean to the flesh. but if you base things off in their perception, you will not only lean into the spirit but you will comprehend correct information of that person.


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