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textbook vs spirit

there are 2 types of preachers:

Type 1: the preacher who approaches it in the textbook approach


Type 2: the preacher who approaches it in the spirit approach

Type 1:
Those pastors rely on the construct of knowledge and information. They approach advice like a science.

Type 2:
Those pastors have gone through the holy spirit, and do not rely on the information provided by the world, but receive revelation from the holy spirit. they approach advice like a spiritualism.

now if you want a person to tell you how to deal with something as if it came from the textbook. then you go with Type 1 pastors.

but if you want to be able to learn something with significant epiphany great impacting realization and awareness, then you go with Type 2 pastors.

Type 1 pastors can also rely too much on the textbook approach, where it becomes very sciencey that information and knowledge is the priority over than prayer and spirit.

see thats the problem with type 1. if you approach Christian walk with only knowledge and bible. but no prayer and spirit. then that means the walk is legalistic and religion and about parsing doctrines and principles.


rather than what it shouldve been about from the getco. God, the word, gospel, having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

but this cannot be possible, unless the holy spirit convicts them. therefore i cannot live with discernment but just embrace and love what they do.

i realize now that it’s not me trying to save them or help them become a better pastor…its not in my hands , but it’s in God’s time and God’s hands.

the extremity of type 1 is Legalism, Institutionalism, Control/ Manipulation/ Dictatorship.

the extremity of type 2 is spiritual lost.

there needs to be a balance of word prayer and spirit.


See through the eyes of the spirit, not the eyes of the flesh

there’s a reason why unconditional love just doesnt exist in the world.
it only exists in heaven and through Jesus Christ.

for your same brother or sister can like you one day, and then dislike you the next. there is slight loyalty. triggered by the world’s physical design navigated on politics.
but its understandable, bc of the world we live in.

man without the mutual relationship of the holy spirit, has also no infinite cycle of subconscious spiritual understanding. for there is one thing that holds us back to loving people unconditionally. it’s our flesh. 

1 Samuel 16:7 ESV 
But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

sure even if you still have mutual understanding of the spirit. you can still be 90% understanding, but the one thing that can heavily blind our vision is the physical element that we live in. 

i was doing an experiment with a blindfold. and in this experiment i learned that if we close our eyes and approach life in this physical world, we can learn how to love unconditionally slightly. because when you shut off the visual cortex you also shut off the PFC (PreFrontal Cortex) in the brain which controls judgement. the world is a physical element, and its subconscious to judge outward appearance is automatic. 
but if we impair our judgement with no sight, then we can truly look past the outward appearance and into understanding the spirit & heart instead. 

now i kind of understand why the ancient samurais chose to train blindfolded, to better understand the spirit element. 

try it for yourself. it’s so easy to love without sight. it’s so hard to love with sight, it’s so easy to say with our tongues, but ask yourself is it the tongue that sprays it or is it our hearts that says it?

be the spider

school is such a waste of money and a waste of time. unless you are trying to succeed in the institutionalized system like a doctor, pastor, professor, engineer, law, teacher, etc. then go for it, you will be successful!!!

but if it’s anything like art, web development, video production, industrial design, massage, exercise personal training, agriculture, business, criminal justice, music, etc. Then you absolutely do not need a degree for this.


I’ve been unemployed for over a year now, and i realized after going back and forth to sooo many job interviews, God spoke to me.
He designed me for greater.
That i’m not supposed to be a worker drone bee and work the bee hive.
That i was created as a spider to make my own web. 

and i get it now. God gave you a gift, to use your gift is giving the gift back to God.
let me glorify you oh Lord.

I now get it, for I am called to be a pastor.
He didnt call me to be an ordained pastor to serve a congregation under a denomination with a set of principles and belief system manipulated and controlled by the institutionalized systemized church. pagan christianity.

He called me to be a pastor, to lead an organic church as a house of prayer/ home church movement/ simple church/ small group. to bring back the original christianity.raw and real.


2 types of women: girls VS women

theres 2 types of women in today’s generation:
women who cant cook nor clean VS women who can & more.
the women who cant cook or clean is NOT wife material.
the women who can IS MORE THAN just wife material, but MOTHER material!

how to identify which girl is wife material and which is trash?

girls who try to get with a man based on his salary is trash.
its not his wealth in the first place, it’s his potential.

stay away from girls who wear heavy make up and promiscous clothing. they only want attention, will play games, has no class, no etiquette. but this doesnt mean you cant be with them forever. just treat them good without judgment, and they will change into a mature woman soon.


it’s in God’s time, not ours

people are not intentionally selfish. they are that way bc the relationship of the holy spirit hasnt been mutually identified yet. 
so we cannot blame or find fault in their flaws, or call em out. were not here to change them nor can we ever force it upon them, we are only called to be servants, and we serve through kindness, gentleness, love, peace. we arent here to save nor teach. only Jesus teaches, it’s in God’s time, & only the holy spirit can change people.
if we keep finding fault in our friends just to try to change them then there will be no avenue for breakthrough. thats not our job to do in the first place, its the job of the holy spirit.