be the spider

school is such a waste of money and a waste of time. unless you are trying to succeed in the institutionalized system like a doctor, pastor, professor, engineer, law, teacher, etc. then go for it, you will be successful!!!

but if it’s anything like art, web development, video production, industrial design, massage, exercise personal training, agriculture, business, criminal justice, music, etc. Then you absolutely do not need a degree for this.


I’ve been unemployed for over a year now, and i realized after going back and forth to sooo many job interviews, God spoke to me.
He designed me for greater.
That i’m not supposed to be a worker drone bee and work the bee hive.
That i was created as a spider to make my own web. 

and i get it now. God gave you a gift, to use your gift is giving the gift back to God.
let me glorify you oh Lord.

I now get it, for I am called to be a pastor.
He didnt call me to be an ordained pastor to serve a congregation under a denomination with a set of principles and belief system manipulated and controlled by the institutionalized systemized church. pagan christianity.

He called me to be a pastor, to lead an organic church as a house of prayer/ home church movement/ simple church/ small group. to bring back the original christianity.raw and real.


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