go back to true self which is the baby

what my old 1986 baby photos revealed to me:

i have to look at the world through the way how i viewed the world when i was a baby at age: 1 year old.

it was my true self. pure, observing, perspective, open, tranquil, sponge, curious, deep, resonate, still.

the eyes are the windows to your soul. u r not defined through your interests, hobbies, career, intellect, status, appearance, image, actions, words, background. but to truly know the real you is manifested through the radiated degree of your soul.

forget the mind. i have to go back to my heart. 
*it’s not the mind that is a terrible thing to waste. it’s the heart, that is a terrible thing to waste.* 

i only remember everything at the age of 2 yrs old. but not at age 1. mom says raising me i was a very strange baby. i never once cried, and sleep crawled in the middle of the night. & stared at the sky alot. i wonder what was going on at that time in my life?
i only vaguely remember one particular thing at age 1. Where i was in a pure white bedroom and emitted white light shined bright. That’s all i remember, was that an angel room? or a spiritual encounter?

i need to stop looking at the world in an intellectual perception. and look at the world in the spirit view. thats probably why my perception has changed, after knowing all these diff politics, diff beliefs, opinions, diff perspectives, taking each and everything.
its not about the learned knowledge surfaced from the mind, but its the openness of the heart. to be not molded through knowledge into using the mind. but to be molded in God’s heart. the heart of not just a child of God, but the baby of God, or even further…the fetus, the sperm, the cell, the spirit, the soul, God.

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