it’s in the holy spirit’s time.

the people you associate with are not necessarily you’re best friends for life. they are just your friends that’s currently at this point of your life now. 

there are many different perspectives coming from how people think. not one is right or wrong. it’s just a different level of understanding. 
for example: a mature young man (age range 27 to 35) cant share a common mutual understanding with a young boy (age range 17 to 25), because of the different comprehension level of understanding. 

arguments will occur, no matter how much the mature young man tries to get through to the young boy’s mental of perception, it just will not sink in.
its not because the boy is acting stubborn, close-minded, ignorant, nor arrogant. But it’s because his level of understanding hasn’t reached as far to where the mature man perspective is at. 
for 2 reasons: 
1.) it’s because of the relationship of the holy spirit hasn’t been identified yet to proceed in the boy’s consciousness to be cognizant, still stuck in his level of thinking, because of the level he’s still in….

(comparison analysis example:
if you ever played that old Nintendo NES original video game called Donkey Kong. 
Where Super Mario has to climb a bunch of levels to get to the top roof to save the princess. but in order to reach the next platform, he needs a ladder to climb there, and the obstacles coming at him like the rolling barrels, and the fire balls, and the Koopa turtles are things in his life that he’s trying to figure out in his life that the world is throwing at him as a way to get past.
But really, Super Mario doesn’t need to go back and forth and try to battle these minions, all he really needs to do is avoid and just get to the ladder to go up to the next level.)

….therefore it is not through us that we can help change the boy’s level of understanding, but it is in God’s time and through the conviction of the holy spirit.
you can keep giving a whole lengthy paragraphs or scientific examples or even a bunch of testimonies to get through to the boy, but if he doesn’t agree or see it your way, that doesn’t mean he’s acting intentionally stubborn, arrogant, close-minded, or ignorant. it just means that it’s not his time yet to understand and that the holy spirit is working on him in different ways first before getting to the registration period. 

so don’t be so quick to judge and jump to conclusions that the boy isn’t open and willing to learn yet, nor is he not rebellious, selfish, or immature. it’s not intentional that he’s acting stubborn, arrogant, close-minded, ignorant. we just have to be patient and understanding for when the boy’s life path finally connects with the holy spiritual understanding. enough with this “he has a lot to learn” or “you’ll see what I’m saying when you get to my age”, that is true, but unnecessary. just let the kid be and let the kid live. it’s in God’s hands, not ours.

now coming back to the first sentence:
“the people you associate with are not necessarily you’re best friends for life. they are just your friends that’s currently at this point of your life now.”

the friends you have now just means that you are on the same level with these people based on the stage of life or phase you are going through based on political preference and level of understanding.
but that could very well change the next day instantly or even the next year, it just all depends on how much you’re learning and how much the holy spirit is teaching you within that time frame. 

for example: you might start off with having a bunch of party friends who all think the same way and believe in the same thing you do which share commonality like talking about silly things like girlfriends, video games, etc.. but then that could very well change the next day, where you can have a huge epiphany on life and start to understand things in the next level where it dynamically enhances your cognitive thinking, and you now just wanna conjure up notions of justice, equality, rights, politics, humanities. and yet those previous party friends just cant see eye to eye the reasons why you would rather go to a conference discussion panel than to go to a rock concert with drunk groupie young girls. 

and it’s not the party friends who is to blame, we should not also belittle them.
“Prov 11:12 It is foolish to belittle a neighbor; a person with good sense remains silent.”
but it’s just that the holy spirit is working more in you, and hasnt worked on them yet. 

I write this just to bring awareness of what’s really going on.
We cannot force our words upon anyone, for change is a universal algorithm and it can only be delivered in the science of space and time continuum which is in God’s control not manipulated by man.


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