Be Still

Psalm 46:10
New International Version (NIV)
10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;


Society, be still. 
Why is putting someone down or being better than someone praised? Why is caring less and feeling less responsible for others valued?

Having a big heart and being open is seen as a weakness, but its a skill that very few people have. 
Bullying happens amongst adults too, and it’s just really sad to see why people feel the need to create a superior complex by pushing others down to make them feel inferior. 

“Love is not a feeling, it’s an ability”


i dont think that’s how a person should be treated.

been thinking lately. trying to discern some things here.

is it okay to treat an acquaintance in a disrespectful, inappropriate, and insensitive tone & approach? even if the ones who pulled it said it was a joke? why am i not laughing? am i really that sensitive? do i get offended easily? am i in the wrong here?

or is this another manipulative way of bullying? or are they the insensitive ones who cant differentiate the identifications in how to treat a stranger vs treating a friend?

i always thought its just best to be as sincere and honest to everyone whether they be friend, acquaintance, foe, or total stranger. like always be down to earth and keep it real. no games, no implications, no hidden agenda, no sacrasm dry humor, no two face gossip. but just be up front straight forward in a calm peaceful character in kindness with a side order of considerateness, mannerisms.

(speak softly, listen quick, slow to anger, meekness, humility, patience, child of God) 

seems like the world is getting more and more corrupted here, i see people’s characters lately turning more and more worse like scum. (i would know, i too was turning into scum last year)
perhaps its because of how pornography culture plagued society’s media brainwashing that its the norm now. & how profanity is the norm now where it’s the new lingo filling elementary children’s mouths. & punching or smacking people in the face for no apparent reason is the new humor now. & the people who you thought were your friends dont stand up for you and laugh along with the instigator when you stood up for them beforehand. & groping women is the “cool” thing to do nowadays. & yelling at people or talking down/ typing in capslock is the norm now. & treating every day women like their sex objects is the norm now. 

i dont know what’s going on with the way secular society is nowadays, but my parents didnt raise me like this. does the world know the difference between good character vs bad character?

why do people react with evil when given random acts of kindness? 

what happened. society tells me im just too sensitive and im the one who needs to take a “joke”. but my bible tells me otherwise. 

dear Lord, help me to keep loving those who trespass against me. no matter how much i dislike the way they come at me. help me to look over their insults&attacks and truly truly love.

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