Identifying your walk; defining Christianity

Im not going to use facebook for preaching anymore.
I realized I have no validation to preach, only unless I’m a pastor or if I’m called to speak/ give a teaching.
The only thing I am to do is to stay quiet. I realize this will help me know true humility, discernment, help mature my walk, & wisdom.
the TRUE definition of what REAL christianity is.
To have a relationship with Jesus.
that’s as simple as it can get!
christianity isnt about voicing your opinions based on how much knowledge you know.
yes the bible is filled with knowledge, but the bible is meant to be used to manipulate to others in order to prove points. or else that’s promoting a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

if a christian is approaching christianity in that way, that just shows you that this believer is a lamb. he has lots to learn, more to grow, still very immature, insecure, and too proud.
He voices out his opinions without self discernment attained from the Lord Jesus Christ, but only meditated on knowledge, his own wisdom, his own intuition, and the bible. This is promoting status & power authority. the man loves to voice out his opinions bc he is insecure and always wants to seek approval of others in appreciating his mind and knowledge.

If your using christianity to find a status, in power, or knowledge, or how intellectual you can be through using the bible as your manipulative resource material.
Then you’re not living up to what it means to be a christian.
To be a christian is not about how much you know, its not about power, or status. You cant use christianity to gravitate power under you. All the power is given to God, all glory for Him only and absolutely.
+the journey of a christian walk is best defined as maturing yourself in Christ.
+there are stages in assessing the christian path. stage 1: the lamb, stage 2: the hogget, stage 3: the sheep, stage 4: the teacher, stage 5: the missionary, etc.
+not submitting to authority is not being rebellious, its being immature.
+its who you surround yourself with, how you present yourself, what you do in your free time, and what keeps you busy that defines you and identifies where you’re at in life.
+to reach destiny, be the new changed man u want to be, you gotta consider who you associate with. your clique influences you.
+”your ego is not your amigo”.
+the real reason why many adults put down people, bully, immature. its bc of pride & too consumed by fleshly desires without cognizance.
+tough love is the wrong form of discipline. you love in kindness & gentleness but not police.
+christianity is as simple as it gets: to have a relationship with Jesus.
its not about for your glory, all the glory is to God. its not religion. its freedom to be yourself without conformity or system. you especially dont use the bible to manipulate others to gear for your own status, you use the bible to discern your path. thats old testament. this is new testament now.
+if you really wanna change, then you gotta sacrifice all the things that u know will keep you from reaching that “future you”.
+being anxious is a sub trait from pride.
+the reason why there are many believers who hasnt changed drastically, than the ones who have is bc those who have put their pride to the side and submitted to disciplining to the word & jesus. social media has become a distraction. i wonder what it would be like if we actually read the bible as our only book? i know too many believers who hasnt even finished the bible but read tons of books, and they still are the same just more knowledgeable. and yet i know very little believers who didnt read books but reads the bible from front to back and they went from drug dealers to married pastors with children.
it’s our pride that stops us from submitting to discipline.

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