Jan 15, 2014 revelation

new status update:
a new revelation recieved after 3 weeks of soaking, discerning, meditation, revealing. 

texting, facebook or any social media is a terrible communication platform in expressing your views. 

complaining, venting is pointless. if ur frustrated about something, talk to jesus about it. dont worry though, its not our job to change things, thats up to the holy spirit. and its not in our time, its in God’s time. 

looking back in 2013, ive been acting soo immature, it was my intellectual pride that blinded me. 

this month of the new year has taught me: 
dont confide in people, for they are just as much on the same level you’re in. confide in jesus. its soo productive, develops maturity, eases your tension into calm waters, its a lot faster, you learn what patience is. jesus never lets you down, he defines what a true friend is, he defines true loyalty without mood, politics, or perspective. ive noticed i have only one true friend when im alone and he is jesus. when u decide to stop spending time in your life’s wants/needs and spend time with jesus instead, dude…its just a whole ‘nother ball game after that.

daddy God really cares for us kids. papa God doesnt force or put pressure on his kids to make a decision quick. to worry is what the enemy wants u to do. daddy God doesnt want any burden left on his children’s shoulders. it may appear difficult to rely totally in His hands. but once you actually do it take a risk, its wonderful, u realize u dont have to rely on your hands anymore, its amazing how much our father loves us! surrendering to Him is all an illusion, like the secular world put blindfold over us to think that the only way to get by in life is through yourself.

the only thing thats been on my mind since ihopkc. why does jesus love me when i am the biggest hypocrite ever? 

and i found the best solution to any response whenever in a situation. staying silent! meekness really does work! its the best thing to do.  

oh yea one last thing i recognized. our gifts also restores healing! to really be healed is to chase after jesus like your desperate. theres actually a number of ways u can get healed like someone praying for u or attending the healing ministries, but as i prayed about it for the last 28 days, it was revealed to me that healing can also come through jesus. just talk to the guy daily morning to night. its like whoa. so many things learning, jotting stuff down here and there. 
music soothes my soul. started getting serious with my ukulele. every day i wake up, i just play for 4 to 6 hours. its been amazing, i can see how this intercesses intimacy with Him. this is definitely healing! learning so much every score..

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