Jan 26, 2014 revelations:

1.)the journey of a christian walk is best defined as maturing yourself in Christ.

2.) there are stages in assessing the christian path. stage 1: the lamb, stage 2: the hogget, stage 3: the sheep, stage 4: the teacher, stage 5: the missionary, etc.

3.) not submitting to authority is not being rebellious, its being immature.

4.) its who you surround yourself with, how you present yourself, what you do in your free time, and what keeps you busy that defines you and identifies where you’re at in life.

5.) to reach destiny, be the new changed man u want to be, you gotta consider who you associate with. your clique influences you.

6.) “your ego is not your amigo”. images (1)


7.) the real reason why many adults put down people, bully, immature. its bc of pride & too consumed by fleshly desires without cognizance.

8.) tough love is the wrong form of discipline. you love in kindness & gentleness but not police.

9.) christianity is as simple as it gets: to have a relationship with Jesus.
its not about for your glory, all the glory is to God. its not religion. its freedom to be yourself without conformity or system. you especially dont use the bible to manipulate others to gear for your own status, you use the bible to discern your path. thats old testament. this is new testament now.

10.) if you really wanna change, then you gotta sacrifice all the things that u know will keep you from reaching that “future you”.

11.) being anxious is a sub trait from pride.

12.) the reason why there are many believers who hasnt changed drastically, than the ones who have is bc those who have put their pride to the side and submitted to disciplining to the word & jesus. social media has become a distraction. i wonder what it would be like if we actually read the bible as our only book? i know too many believers who hasnt even finished the bible but read tons of books, and they still are the same just more knowledgeable. and yet i know very little believers who didnt read books but reads the bible from front to back and they went from drug dealers to married pastors with children.
it’s our pride that stops us from submitting to discipline.

13.) the reason why girls reject you, is bc theres actually something wrong with you.
whether it be in how your approach is, or the way you present yourself, or your social skills, behavior, attitude, mannerisms, mentality, etc.

14.) the best way to get a girlfriend, you start off as friends, but its started through which clique you associate yourself with. girls dont wanna hook up randomly suddenly. but if its within the clique, it makes the environment comfortable enough for them to ease in & open up.
of course you can still get a girl without joining a clique, but this way isnt very secure enough to have history. and history is shown in foundation & friendship.
you first have to associate with her friends, she has to know your friends, and establish a friendship with her, and involve in activities with the clique for a number of years. thats history. this is how its initialized within the clique. cliques are important. not only to get a girlfriend, but also personal development for you & gain true friends.

15.) theres a fine line between being childish VS being child-like.
people confuse the two for the same meaning. it’s not.
being childish means being immature. being child-like means to have the vibrant heart & pure faith of a child.

16.) i think we just need to stop worrying about what other’s are doing and just focus on our own walk with the Lord & our God-given assignment to what we were anointed for.
the whole doctrinal approach/ denominations are just different political beliefs. it’s disappointing when a presbyterian slanders against a charismatic in disagreement of each’ political preferences. enough is enough! we’re all basically children in Him, enough with the arguing, nitpicking of each’ weaknesses, bickering. the more we discern of neighbor’s, we’re actually fighting for approval. why look for your neighbor’s approval? when we’ve already been approved by the Lord Christ Jesus. its not our job to point out the faults of our neighbor, that’s the job of the Holy Spirit. our job is to just love. criticism only reeks immaturity, & it also shows that you’re focusing more time on legalism & neighbors, rather than your relationship with Christ…which is the whole epitome of Christianity in the first place!

17.) we can discern all we want but if we dont do anything about it, we’re just a mirror.
James 1:22-25
and the more we discern, observe and not take action, the more our hearts come with doubting faith & cold. and our pride kicks in, where we will rely on ourselves than in God.
your truth to the answers and true discernment isnt approved by people, its approved & provided by the living Jesus. True discernment doesn’t come from your neighbors. It comes from your private time with the Lord through prayer.

18.) if you’ve been appointed by authority who is God, means you’ve been anointed, which means you are the anointed one, which means you’ve been given a God-given assignment. which can only be discovered through your DNA and your gifts and how He designed you as. which means this is your purpose to life why you were born for a reason & your calling to serve the Lord. this is your identity in Him.


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