practicing vs Non-practicing

theres a diff between:
a practicing christian VS a non practicing christian.

the practicing christian has been practicing consistently diligently perserverance, which came wisdom & maturity.

whereas the non practicing christian, who didnt practice the constructs and spent his life in his own life, then suddenly turned 180 back to christianity, he still is immature. bc the 10 yrs of practicing his own philosophy on his life, and just 3 months of trying to practice christianity doesnt validate him to know what christianity is about nor does it validate him to preach yet. 
it takes about 2-3 yrs to really understand what christianity is about.
its not about trying to know as much knowledge as manipulative for own status/power.
its about having a relationship with Christ, that’s as simple as it can get.
the glory doesnt come to man, the glory is to Christ. 

if a believer had a background of 10+yrs of non practicing, and suddenly is in it for now 3 months deep and starts to preach. then you know he still is immature.

what christian walk is about….its about maturity. 

some examples of maturity:
to not respond to offense when critiqued. #pride
to not speak fast when people say things to you. #hasty
to listen to Jesus first before you act. #discernment
to not slander/gossip if u disagree #honor
to keep thoughts to yourself. #meek
to treat those in love even if u dont understand them or disagree #fruitsofthespirit 
to always forgive even over small things #love 
to not argue #flesh
to not use intellectual to win an argument #humility
to submit to authority #maturing

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