we have a choice to not take offense

Early morning writing from morning meditation:

The reason why people get offended easily is because of our self pride.
To the people who love drama, it’s also coming from a lot of pride within.

There will always be a time where you will be misunderstood by people. In life, you will get judged, misinterpreted, assumed, accused, and misunderstood. The world is run on politics & many different perspectives here and there. There will be times where sometimes you just can’t get through to people no matter how well you explain your views, opinions, yourself….even if you show a pictograph or scientific presentations, etc. If the other person just can’t register, it’s not that they’re ignorant or arrogant, it just means that the Holy Spirit hasn’t revealed to them in that department yet. God’s working on them one step at a time, it just means that it’s not their time to comprehend with the stage of life they are in now.

There will be times where people will ask questions to lure contradiction & instigate arguments. There will be times where people will try to manipulate your points in discussion. There will be times where you have to put your foot down and stand firm in what you believe in which may cost you to stick out like the black sheep among the rest.
There will be times where people will gossip/slander about you behind your back. But it’s what you do in how you respond to that. We actually have a choice here. We can choose to respond to the pressure, offense, and take life seriously OR you can choose to not give 2cents about it and continue doing you. (Of course, with a side order of taking note of their politics into consideration of discernment, but that’s if we choose to.)

The less you worry about what others think about you, the better it is for your soul & the more you feel free. Soaring on eagle’s wings back to freedom. There’s no reason to explain yourself, if you did absolutely nothing wrong. To argue back and forth, the only reason why you care so much about trying to fix the issue through explaining to people of being misunderstood is from the sense of pride. “Arguing puts a toll on your soul.” If you look at it from a macro view, you realize this is really stupid, not loving, & immature.

The fact is, that people will not truly understand you, because we are multi-dimensional beings. We can only comprehend in a limited amount of several dimensions of a person. The only person who truly understands us wholesomely is Jesus. Although this is not to support the lone wolf life. *Community is important.

It’s a human thing to act on emotions, impulse, anger, haste, anxious. Prone to sensitivity is an animal instinct of territory, as we are also mammals too. But hey we’re more than just the flesh on our bones and our intelligent brains. We’re spiritual beings in the image of God. We’re not perfect either, but its a process!

Let go & Let God.
I realize now I would rather be misunderstood & stay happy,
than to be understood & live in tension.
Keep life simple.

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