Identifications: Friendships #1

Identifying Friendships #1

You cant be friends with people who still live in the world & if they don’t make any efforts to perservere in servanthood.
Although at the same time you cant be black and white about it either, therefore its best to identify and assess who you choose to associate yourself with. Boundaries & Categorizing neighbors is highly recommended. You must set boundaries with who you befriend with. If you gear towards absolute reliance on friends who continue to live in the world, then drama, fights will always occur. Because of immaturity. If neither of you are not submitting to the authority which means to perservere in maturity of servanthood, then that means both you and the friend is living in self pride, which is immaturing the walk. And if two immature persons try to maintain a relationship together without any values from authority, then the only values that try to become the bond in the friendship is self righteousness values (which is a worldly value that can actually be meaningless in the end since there isn’t any thick hold because it doesn’t reflect true character).  ßRefer to Mark 1 & Mark 9 (Moral Power).

for example:
if two 13 year olds try to be friends only on the inspiration of what the two 13 year olds experienced in life without any guidance (books, elders, mentor, or submission to authority). Then be aware that fights & drama will occur frequently, because there isn’t any substantial claim of truth to the life experience of the teenagers. Which is basically putting the focus on the life experience to worshipping 1 teen’s philosophy on the high ladder; in other words: self glory.
Which will act as an opportunity for the other teen to hate/rebel against his authority, because his life experience doesn’t speak for the rest of the world which means it’s false guidance. And this is where fights will occur.

There are those individuals who you seek for companionship, then there are those who you favor to seek accountability, and then there are those who you keep as your mentors.
It’s never a good idea to completely cut off friends, unless they’re leading you into a destructive lifestyle, then by all means. But there’s always a reason why you meet the people in your life, for it was God’s design to get you to meet these people, even if fights, arguments, hatred, vengeance occurs. The bad can also equate to the good. It’s by taking it with a grain of salt, by not taking offense, and not responding to the negative. This is how we can learn and mature ourselves for our growth.

Did you know that the word “coincidence” does not exist in the Hebrew language.
“there is no such thing as coincidences, only Godincidences”-Lauren Jones.
for the whole world is an entire social network, we are all connected in some mysterious way. Which means the people you meet or the things you come across happens for a reason. Our paths are propelled in God’s makeshift; it is universal.

Don’t take offense for when people cut you off, block you, delete you, avoid you. For that just means two things:
1.) Either they are immature themselves and retain to their self pride, that’s why they continue to choose to become sensitive and take offense to you.
2.) They have learned great valuable lessons from you and are transitioning into the next chapter in their lives

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