some advice to stay positive

what it really means to be a true man is honestly to be
a humble & noble servant.

boyhood vs manhood.

what it takes to venture in manhood is humility always.
a part of it is to be grateful for the things you have in life.
now if you still hold on to grudges, keep complaining, or still hold onto your pride, then honestly being a man is definitely not going to be easy.
learning to let go of your self pride & easily forgive and forget helps you to perservere in maturity.
we can complain & stay angry, annoyed, frustrated, bothered, upset, mad all we want, but it’s not going to make things any better and certainly not make time go any faster.

you have to see it like this,
for every single person you meet in life is for a reason. it was God’s way (a universal design in His time) for you to meet him or her. If she or he says something to you whether it sounds bad or good, it was for a reason!
and we actually have a choice here, we can choose to be offended or we can take it with a grain of salt and move forward.
The more we dwell on the past, mistakes, regrets, or perceive their words as attacks & insults, the more we will continue to think negatively, and have a bad attitude on life, which will also have a great impact on our own values, destiny, character, habits, behavior, actions, and thoughts.
you just have to really see the limelight of their comments, if it sounds bad, at least they actually spoke to you! there’s a large percentage of people out there who actually dont care, but the people who did give you words, just make sure you realize that they actually took the time to type on the keyboard or take 2 min out of their busy day to give you advice! be grateful for that! that can actually mean a lot to a person who doesnt have a large base or zero people who care.
& to think about it in a spiritual perspective, they’re not really the ones saying that, they’re actually instruments being used by the Holy Spirit to tell you something.

you have to really take a step back and discern it.
it helps, because it can really assess yourself, behavior, character, actions, thoughts, and identify where you are in your path in your life.

ask yourself, “is it really me that is in the wrong here?” and if so, “why am i getting so offended?”, and if so…then it must be coming from 4 things.
either 1.) it’s caused by wounds. something traumatic from your past/childhood that affected your mentality, psychology, perspective, attitude, character in the present.
or 2.) it’s caused by self pride. prideful like dragon ball z vegeta.
or 3.) he/she is so deep into sin, that his/her immaturity level is so thick, that it’s going to be very hard for him/her to realize the faults.
or 4.) he/she is selfish.

now there’s 2 types of pride.
Good pride VS Bad pride.
Good pride is when your proud of something like serving your country in the military.
Bad pride is self pride, when you think you have the right to condescend people, because you’re smarter than everyone.

however dont let it be confused with having self worth VS self pride.

anyways back to what i was saying about self pride.
how to identify a self pride person:
1.) if a person impulsively gets annoyed by someone who’s only trying to help by providing advice.
2.) if a person never apologizes or never wants to admit that they were wrong, and always feels the need to gain apologies from other people.
3.) if a person is absolutely not open to outside advice/comments.

who cares for an apology really? it’s not that big of a deal, just let go, forgive, forget, and move on. seeking an apology means that you live in your pride.

our pride can motivate us to succeed, but at the same time our pride can consume us.
you have to always try to identify where you’re at in your path no matter what.
because it’s so easy to forget who you are by letting the pride eat us up.
humility helps us to identify things from letting it take control of us.

i mean grant it, self pride can help us be the most successful person in the world IF we like to work alone & stay solo.
But that can only get you so far in life, plus being alone is a surefire guarantee to stay miserable & become a narcissist.
The world is one big network, everything needs team work.

I’ve been in a situation like this last year, where I was just sick of people trying to give me their 2cents, because i felt that they didnt understand what i was going through.
and there i met a few others who also felt the same way and now lives as a christian refusing to fellowship. and i thought it was just better to live solitaire, but then after a while i realized that was pure insanity! because as a christian, that’s what fellowship was for! we’re not meant to live solitaire lifestyles, even if i disagreed with alot of what the institutionalized church carried. so i really asked myself here, “just because i disagreed and disliked most of the advice given to me, am i going to just live as solo as i can?” or “am i the one that’s in the wrong here, is it due to my own pride where i’m becoming arrogant & immature?”

that’s when i really took a lot of discernment time for myself. i had to lock myself in the house for 3-5 months, sure i became an anti-social hermit, but i was on a mission, to try and figure out where my problem was coming from!
and that’s when the Lord revealed to me that it’s from my wounds.
I actually have only 1 wound, but it’s a BIG one that has left a huge gash inside me for a very long time.
my wound comes from false mentorship: being taken under the wing and manipulated.
no wonder why it made sense to me why i rebelled against authority & always cautious in who i put my trust in because i didnt want to get hurt again.
and here today is the 5th month, where i realized that submitting to authority is a measure of maturation.
that’s when i asked myself again, “i can choose to stay in immaturity forever, or i can choose to grow up for the better of my future self, now what’s it going to be? continue to rebel or submit?”
the Lord also revealed to me, “its never a good idea to seek mentorship/accountability from those who do not make any efforts in perservering in maturity. & how to identify who are the ones qualified to seek? it is those who are serving now in ministry!”
that’s why it made sense, why i was taken under the wing of false mentorship, was because they weren’t making any efforts in perservering in maturity, only lavished in their love of knowledge. knowledge doesnt qualify you to be a mentor to the younglings, it’s servanthood that is!
“ohhhhh! DUH! hahaha ;)”

stop complaining.

the bad things that happen in life are here for a purpose.
the bad weather that stays is here for a reason.
we have a choice to take offense or to look at it introspectively.
people whinin’ too much bout the cold weather here in dmv….yo..enjoy it while it still lasts…this probably just a reminder to prepare for the new season & enjoy what’s in the PRESENT.

life is short. and u cant push time to go any faster than it already is. so stop whining about the weather. it is what it is!


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