Reasons why the Atheists have something against Christianity.

The reason why Atheists have a problem with Christianity.

Now I know several atheists who actually don’t have a problem with religion.
These atheists are open-minded and mature enough to welcome reading the bible, studying the religion, and challenge themselves to try to understand more about Christianity without quickly judging for what it’s appeared to be on the outside.

And then, I know some atheists who do have something against Christianity.
and the real reason why is because somewhere in their past, they were brought up in a Christian home or church and brought under the congregation’s wings and manipulated. Where they got hurt & rejected.

Trust me, I know what this feels like, being a Christian myself.
I’ve been through lots in my own walk. Not just being a believer, but also dealing with life itself.
I’ve had problems submitting to authority, because mainly the number one reason was because in my past I was taken under the authority’s wing and manipulated. I got hurt & rejected. Thus, I became rebellious. & it was due to my pride that motivated me to contradict and condescend the church’s motives.
Little did I know in doing so, I was growing in immaturity & intellectual arrogance.
And my hatred against the church grew even more where it subliminally raptured my soul taking place outside of the church into my daily life.
Now realizing that it’s not the church that is the problem, it was me.

I know what that feels like, being hurt, rejected, manipulated.
But you have to see it like this, everyone is not perfect. Yes there are even pastors, teachers, leaders, and the congregation that is not perfect and they will make mistakes.
But that doesn’t give the right to hold it as a grudge and look at them as the target. In doing so, will not help you, but hurt you; thusly, destroy your soul from the inside out.
If you keep holding onto the grudge & motivated in vengeful demeanor, then you wont be able to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone/ anything/any area.
Where you will always try to stay on your toes, be cautious, and continue to judge everything accordingly to how the church affected you in your past 10 years ago.
Do you think that’s fair? No.

It’s not only going to stunt your personal development, but it’s also going to cause damage to your perception, mentality, approach, attitude, behavior, character, values, habits, actions, thoughts, and words.

You notice how I’m not even bringing up any spiritual teachings in this post, I’m using as much scientific breakdowns as I possibly can so that it makes sense to your logical comprehension, my atheist readers.
Being a Christian myself & a Scientist.
Doesn’t mean I’m absolutely Black & White of extreme conformity.
Doesn’t mean I’ll abandon the Big Bang Theory for Creationism. In fact, I don’t even know if the creationism is still true. There’s a lot of factors that kind of doesn’t make complete sense to me.

So with this whole conformity thing going about.
I’ve noticed that in society.
It’s like whenever there’s some kind of clique, area, concept, idea, subculture, sport, hobby, or even beliefs. The group within that organization is completely immersed into that idea conforming themselves completely black & white. It’s so strange.
For example:
You go to a charismatic church, and everyone is extremely conformed to that idea.
You go into the bboy culture, and everyone considers them first and foremost a bboy.
You go into MMA, and everyone is all about MMA.

Did they even stop and look around that they are actually not that idea, but to discern the area and stay true to themselves?

The idea is only what we politically prefer, but it’s not what makes us, us.

I’m a bboy, but does that give me the pink slip to abandon who I am internally? No.
I’m Albert Aram Kim. That’s who I am.
So all I’m saying is, you gotta discern always, and stay true to yourself.

Just because I’m a bboy, doesn’t mean I’m going to go to every bboy jam, enter every bboy competition, hang only with bboys, try to only make all my friends..bboy friends, and only think “bboy” 247 365. No, quite honestly that’s creating limitations to human life. We humans are more than just 1 facet, we are multi-dimensional beings.

I go to a charismatic church, but does that make me completely conform to the idea of the charismatic beliefs? No. I just go, because I enjoy being there, but it doesn’t mean I’m completely charismatic. I’m just staying true to myself. In fact I go visit to other different denominational churches too (the Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.)

I think the real reason why people want to be completely conformed, is because they’re really just trying to find themselves; to find their identity in life. Most people don’t know who they really are, and only a few do. Those few who do stay true to themselves.

Anyways back to what I was saying,
To be frank, it’s pride & the wounds that’s causing you many atheists to have beef against Christianity.
Or it’s your level of immaturity, that’s creating a lack of understanding, and arrogance/close-mindedness.

Perhaps I encourage you to use the word of God and challenge it. Find a small group, join a weekly bible study, engage the believers and start discussions with them in order to have a better understanding of what real Christianity means.

If you don’t do that, and only judge it from your perspective alone, then that’s ignorant.
I’m not asking you to become a Christian, or abandon atheism. I’m just saying to be mature about your approach.

& keep your opinions to yourself or write it in a journal or discuss it amongst your closest friends/ small group.
To just put your thoughts on blast without any constructive feedback from your peers or the ministry is completely foolish.

It’s like for example:
If I didn’t know a thing about black people.
And I had opinions that they always drank kool-aid and ate watermelons and said “Massa”. Do you think that would be fair if I broadcasted that on facebook to thousands, without first discussing it with my peers or discernment.
And do you think the opinions would be true too without taking the first step to find understanding and judge from what I see in my own perspective?
No way.
That’s not only being completely racist. But ignorant, foolish, arrogant, close-minded, bias, judgmental, and does not give the benefit of the doubt.

So what I’m saying, before you jump to conclusions or form an idea of what YOU think it is. Go to great lengths of understanding, discernment, meditate, and discussion.
Not argue, but discuss!
Arguing is far different from discussing.
Argument is when your motives is out to contradict someone.

And if you still have something against the church, it’s because of what happened in your past! Not all churches are the same bro. The problem isn’t the church, the problem is your scars.

Hatred is actually a deep love for someone, something.
We hate because deep down we actually yearn to be loved.
Think about it, Reverse Psychology. If a girl says she hates her boyfriend for being so selfish. She actually doesn’t hate him, deep down she actually still loves him, she just hasn’t realized it yet. If she did not like him, then she wouldn’t be talking about him, complaining about him, or even get bothered by him, or even annoyed when hearing his name! Think about it! It makes sense.

So the atheists who say they hate the church, actually deep down WAY deep down, they still have a love for the church and just want to be loved.
They’re just putting this visage on, because they don’t want to become vulnerable again. Because where there is vulnerability, there is also a high chance of betrayal, rejection, hurt, pain, suffering.

Pain, suffering is only an illusion.
We don’t know this because it strikes a nerve in our Pride.
Humans are very prideful creatures.

In actually, Atheists dont have a problem with Christianity.
They actually have something against the church, because something in their past, the church offended them.
So they’re thinking that the issue is to deal with Jesus.
But actually Jesus isnt the problem, the real source comes from their past.

So before you go point the finger, Discern yourself.

Now howcome the several atheists that i know do not have a problem with Christianity? It’s not because they are mature or open minded. It’s because nothing happened to them in their past, the church never offended them, therefore they have no reason to hate the church.

the reason why non-believers hate on Christianity soo much is because of the lack of understanding through the misconception of what Christianity brings to the public. or the bad experiences to how the church may have manipulated. but…

its not what you think. there are no rules. church doesnt define what christianity is, it’s only a tool.

when atheists use the westboro baptists, mormons, or the snakebiting preachers to stress how bigot christianity is… soo dumb.

there’s a lot of misconceptions to what true christianity is.

if you are a non-believer and have so many questions, i strongly advise you to go to an apologetics forum. Mclean Bible Church hosts an apologetics meet every 3rd Wed & every sun 10:45am.
& if not, then please reconsider talking smack if you know so little about the gospel.

it’s like racism. all asians must be chinese, japanese and speak ching chong chang.
its offensive if you jump to conclusions by analyzing it from a distance without trying to get to know the asian person.

be #openminded.

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