Skip to 3rd Paragraph:
” But the more I meditated on this fear, the more I felt the Lord telling me, “Don’t be a coward.”
So to say, “We can’t date because I don’t want to risk losing our friendship” really is cowardice. You’re going to lose the friendship regardless, unless you both remain single all your life.”

AB I wanted to see this too…but we listened to reviews it does not mention God….it uses Nephilim as movers of the large wood timbers. I wont watch or pay for a movie like that….I will just read the word instead….love you all!…/noah-gets-bad-reviews-all…

If we continue to keep rejecting things because it is not of God, that’s a way of emphasizing COWARDICE.
If something we dont like pops up, are we going to keep on RUNNING AWAY forever?
Are we going to keep avoiding, ignoring them? Are we going to keep on living inside our shells so that the fear goes away?
Are we going to keep on block/deleting people off facebook because we didnt like the way they treat us or we dislike them?

No. or else that would be immature, and we will never give life the benefit of the doubt! we will never learn things, and we will continue to judge things based on our perception rather than receiving.

it’s not about PERCEIVING, it’s about RECEIVING!

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