Something I identified about myself these last couple of weeks about

Just because I’m an older person and I contribute a leadership role
doesnt mean that i qualify to be a mentor. 
it was revealed to me that anyone can give advice but it takes discipleship to become a mentor & a leader to those needing guidance.

for if a person tries to mentor a young lamb when he himself hasnt submitted to authority is not in the position to validate mentoring to the young one in the first place!

take me for example: 
i am in no position or authority to mentor a young kid because ive never been discipled or submit to authority or had a mentor mentor me either! 
i can give advice but like i said, anyone can give advice but there’s a difference between mentoring & giving advice.

mentoring means to not just have the characteristics of persistence and maturity, but also carry advice in a gentle kind loving way of the fruits. and also the 3 important elements: patience, understanding, & effective communication. 
i realize im in no position to be a mentor to anyone, bc im immature myself and only still learning. 

yes i am admitting to the fact that i am immature. but day by day, taking one step at a time, little by little, how to tread from one stage of immaturity to the next stage of immaturity to the next next stage. it’s a whole long process. i dont think you can reach maturity in an overnight transformation, takes a lot of time of soaking/growing. 
…but hey! i guess it’s good that i’m realizing this now.

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