Atheist, part 2


What a depressing community. Yikes I can imagine, “hello everyone, today’s message is about how your all from monkeys, your just spawns of the random cosmos and your all worthless conglomerates of cells that have zero purpose in Life. But keep being good! Because.. We feel like it! And don’t kill yourself because we feel bad?..”

isnt atheism a religion too? if a person believes that we all go to the earth after we die. then the faith to believe that, is also considered a belief too. and where there is faith and believing in a belief, its also can be religion. so that must mean that whether u dislike religion or not, atheism is too a belief, faith, & a religion! how contradicting!

“I love how people say Atheism isn’t a religion,but people spend so much time on it. Which is why people say it is. People say there’s no believe in God,but there can be other religions that don’t have a God as well. That doesn’t make something not a religion. Speaking of beliefs,isn’t it also a belief saying there’s no god and we stay on the earth and rot after we die. Think about it: A belief is something you believe in without any proof. Just like how there’s no proof that God was shown to atheists is the same why how  there’s nothing to say he doesn’t exist.

“Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position.” -Bill Maher.  I’ve always linked religion with supernatural beliefs.  You’re right about those things being beliefs.  What is not a belief is rejecting a claim, i.e. “I do not believe that a god exists”.  Key words there are “not believe”.  It would be a belief to positively assert “A god does not exist”.  Also, a belief is simply believe in something that you hope for”


my point exactly. atheism is the belief to disbelief. whether you like it or not, a disbelief is still believing in what you believe. and where there is a belief, there is faith in that belief. and where there is faith, there is an open door for principles that support that faith. and where there are principles, there leads into doctrines, and where there are doctrines, there leads to the gospel, and where there is a gospel, there is an opportunity to religion.

We are not born with any belief system, and we arent born of having a religion.
I’m saying that Atheism could be a religion. remember key word is “could”.
If you believe in that “disbelief” and make that as your forever lifestyle, mentality, perception, approach to life in a diligent basis. Then that also defines protocol practice, and by pursuing a consistent practice influenced by a belief is not only a practice of restored faith but also can be a religion in itself too.
Therefore it’s rather quite funny how atheists disbelief religion and beliefs, when they’re actually believing in something they believe that is “disbelieved”! It not only can be contradicting, but an oxymoron!

i encourage atheists to go to the atheist church for sunday assembly, why do i say this as a christian? Because it creates an opportunity to maintain community & being open minded.

The only reason why atheists have an intense dislike towards religion or christians is because of how they were brought up in their past being affected by their previous experience in church. I talk about it here:

You can still be atheist, however you dont have to have a sudden hatred for other religions/beliefs. Who cares right? I mean if your an atheist reading this, why do you care so much that religions irritate you? That just shows you either have wounds or you still live in immaturity.

If you want to be an atheist. Go be one. But taking a hatred for other religions is just irrelevant and redundant.


My opinion about atheism:
Basically if you think you go back to the earth after we die, that is true! It does say that in the bible. But that’s only half true.
Our physical bodies go back to the earth, but our spirit goes to Heaven.

But if you do believe that you go back to earth after we die.then that can also mean what real point is there in living?
Isnt that depressing? To know that your only going to live one life here on earth and no matter how hard you try and how much work you’ve done, its all going to be a waste, and wither away back into the earth.
With that belief, then it will also have a huge impact in the mentality as well.
With a belief like that it can create a melancholic/ content mood that is complimentary to depression/misery.

How many atheists do you know are positive? or try to keep their head up?
All the philosophies are manifested directly from other religions, co inspired by spirituality & God/ gods/ prophets.
If an atheist takes any of the philosophy as motivational quotes to help them succeed or keep their head up in life, you know that this atheist doesnt want to face the fact that he’s going to back to living a life that serves no purpose but go back to the ground.
You know deep down that this atheist is open and curious more about learning stuff that may help his mentality on life.

And to live a life as a introverted/ anti social hermitized solitaire lifestyle atheist is a sure way to lead into misery, depression, narcissism, pride, arrogance, immaturity, and loneliness.
You have to remember we dont live in our own world, we share a network with a trillion others inhabiting this planet.
Fellowship is key. If you have a problem socializing with others because of what you dislike, its not that the community is the issue, its you! It’s your selfishness and immaturity that is the underlying threat to your behavior, attitude, character, nature, response, pride, actions, thoughts, morality, mentality, perspective, psychology, and words.

You can by all means stay an atheist. But if you keep shutting people out because of what you dont like or self interests, then you wont be giving life the benefit of the doubt! You will stay ignorant, close minded, bias, and arrogant.

You can be an atheist, but if you lack understanding and choose to judge from you’re pre-conceived notions without taking the time to experience and discernment, then you’re not really being an atheist, you’re just being stupid.




Hey I respect all religions. Islam, Buddhist, Hinduism, Zen, Wiccan, Mormonism, Catholicism, Judaism, etc.
But there’s one thing i like about Christianity.
All these other religions including Christianity have the SAME philosophical words that help give inspiration to our human lives.
But the one thing that differentiates Christianity from all other religions is that Christianity is NOT a religion.

a religion means an organized congregation in what they believe in pursuing the mechanism of protocol for the sake of the practice and emphasize the principles of the belief.

But Christianity is not that at all, because it gives us the freedom to be what we wanna be and do what we wanna do and still be in safeguards. Why? Because Christianity focuses on one truth alone, LOVE.
This love can only be known through the Gospel.
and the Gospel is Jesus Christ.

what makes a religion different from christianity?
religions act accordingly to the LAW of LAWS, which is emphasizing the delivery of protocol and policy by the organized congregation with doctrines.

Christianity however does not use the LAW of LAWS, Protocol, policy, etc.
It uses the Law of LOVE.

Now when a religion acts accordingly to the law of laws, you have to know that the highest director will have the authority to judge you on the weight of man.

But when it comes to Christianity, no one can judge you, the only person you know who has that authority to judge you is God. No one will know what crime/sin you’ve committed, but only God. and it’s not up to any man to tell you wrong, because they have no authority to do so. However God does, but God overlooks your wrongs because He values the relationship between you and Him.
That’s what Christianity is really about RELATIONSHIP.

It’s not about becoming an intellectual theologian who knows the bible thick and thin, and argue like an apologist, and point out faults and validate rebukement.

It’s about learning from the bible that’s relevant to yourself, you alone. And walking in the relationship with God through that.


For it just doesnt make any sense if I have spent my entire life serving others and sacrificing for others and love them unconditionally, and then when i die, i go burn in hell or go back to the earth.
If that we’re true, then that means that LOVE is also a lie.
But if LOVE is a lie, then why on earth do we crave and yearn to be loved so badly?
For that makes no sense if love was a lie.
Therefore thats the reason why love is the truth. and that’s the reason why Christianity is the truth.

Islam does not know love.
Islam is a religion that practices on protocol.
Judaism is a religion that practices on protocol.
Nazarite is a religion that practices on protocol.
The Essene Jews are cultish.
Buddhism is a religion that is about self divine enlightenment.
Mormonism, Scientology, & Jehovah Witness & Rastafarianism is a religion that practices on protocol, but with a false gospel, which makes it not really a religion but a CULT.

In order for something to be a religion, it must have a belief, faith, principles, doctrine, and gospel.
But for a religion to have a gospel, the gospel must not be distorted by man. and the doctrines must not be created in a secular way of life that is not godly.

this is the difference between a cult vs religion:


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