Career options

Thinking about what to do as a career.

ALOT of friends have advised me to go into ministry.

But I am literally broke right now, unemployed, unable to get a job, no education, and poor.

Here are my options:

#1 pursue a bachelors in philosophy on the grant.
then pursue an M.Div / PhD Apologetics on a scholarship.
get ordained, if things dont work out at church, pack my bags and move to ecuador mission base to serve as a pastor there. 

#2 pursue a bachelors in Kinesiology with AROTC.
go into the Army as a Physical Therapist. 8 years later, use money to pursue M.Div
get ordained, work part time as pastor and full time as PT.

i have no idea.

All i wanna do is just serve in ministry. 
Teach, Film, Publish a Book, Blog/Journalism, & Bboy Train and create Dance Performances.
and help in training and therapy. 
Travel & Mission Outreach.

That is ALL. I dont care if i dont make squat. As long as I have a place to sleep, some food, a shower, and people to love. I am okay!

i wonder if i should just get a certification in Health coach, ACE PT, Massage Therapist License, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Assistant Physical Therapist.
Or get a Bachelors in KNES, and experience training as a ARMY PT.
Work as a Personal Trainer, and Ministry at the same time?
Give workshops, teach classes?


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