Sade Adu.

Sade Adu – One of the greatest artists to ever live. She once said: “I have no technical training and am completely uneducated in music.” Further proof that within each of us lies a talent that is unbelievable, undeniable, and unstoppable. How do we find our greatness? Start by relentlessly pursuing what you love, regardless of how others perceive your ability to do well at it. Stick with what you love. This is also referred to as integrity.

The reason why people pursue their dreams without being affected by what people say they cant do is bc they are fearless, they don’t let fear get in the way of pursuing their dreams.

Be Fearless.

How to become fearless?
By believing in your self worth & being transparent can create not only freedom for yourself but fearless.


However dont be extremely black and white either. Dont be extremely fearless, or else you wont know how to identify dangers, or the ability to stay cautious if you take a step. Discernment is key.

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