How to be a Genius

How to be a Genius

Anyone can be a genius.
We’re not born as Geniuses, it’s just a skill that takes a lot of time to work on.

But what it takes to be a Genius?
The reason why C.S. Lewis, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, J. Krishnamurti, Bruce Lee, Plato, Homer, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Socrates are all geniuses is because of 3 key elements.

1.)    To always stay open-minded.

2.)   To never respond so quick to emotions & offense/pride & anger.

3.)   To always take a measure of time to discern.

If we take all these into account, then we too will become a genius as well.
There are however 3 types of geniuses:

1.)    Performance

2.)   Art

3.)   Logic

#1 Performance geniuses are a master at their own skill/craft when it deals with physical performance under pressure and stress on the body in vigorous amounts of challenges using time, rhythm, control, precision, space.
For example: Sport Athletes.
Bruce Lee is one of them, He mastered his control of movement to the fullest potential. Able to use a tenth of his power to punch with 1 finger, at the same time to be able to conserve his energy for when the fight needs endurance.

#2 Art geniuses are the most extremely open-minded people in the universe. Able to see things most people can’t identify with. They stay meek and humble because of this. They are born with the gift of perception & their creative wild imagination. It’s not that their art makes them talented, it’s their gift of perceiving things in a different angle that makes them talented. Anybody can paint, but its how many people you can reach and affect through the portrait of how you see things differently. That’s what makes an artist famous. Not by his popularity, but by the meaning of his art.
Fact is, everyone is born an artist, we learn how to be artistic when we are little toddlers. But it’s the day you turn into a grown up where you may lose this ability to stop seeing things in that perception and our imagination is not as great anymore as it was when we were children.
Imagination is sparked by curiosity & not knowing the known.
When we start to know about things, that’s when our curiosity withers away, thus our imagination dwindles down greatly.
And when our imagination dies, our motivation with it dies too. But that’s only if you let it become an influence.

For example:
Kids want to be a fulltime artist when they grow up. But they do not realize that it’s very hard financially to make income in that career. Once they find out about that, they’re imagination suffers. And they decide to take a different route like a real job.

Usually when things like this happens, It can also deaden the soul & passion.
But there is a solution. It can only happen, IF we let it influence us or take offense.
If we do ignore it and keep pursuing our dreams, then we will become what we’ve always wanted to be: an artist.
Take Sade Adu.

#3 Logic geniuses are masters at organizing thoughts, plans, reasoning, and understanding. Logic geniuses are very patient & understanding people. They also do not let their emotions, pride, anger get in the way of their thought process. Arrogance can cloud the vision and distort comprehension in a very immature & prideful sense where it only defines 1 individual’s understanding which is yourself. You have to remember that we don’t live in our own little world here, we share a mutli-dimensional melting pot network with a trillion other people that inhabit this planet. So understanding their views are just as much important as our perception, take into consideration of where they stand before you jump to conclusions to what you “think” is the correct judgment under your own account.


For me, I was always a #2 Art Genius.
then I ventured into #1 Performance Genius, through bboying.
And Now I’m venturing into #3 Logic Genius.

All I’m saying is that ANYONE can be a genius IF we make the 3 KEY ingredients as our navigation.

Just some advice for discernment.
I think the best way to discern anything is to lock yourself in your room and meditate for hours, leave your social life for a few weeks, and just completely meditate about some of the issues that’s contemplating your palette.
That’s how the geniuses before us did it too, Jesus Christ, C.S. Lewis, Gandhi, Krishnamurti, Bruce Lee, Leonardo, etc.
Yes they became anti-social introverted hermits, but they got things figured out.

By the way, When you discern.
through that consistent process of always taking a lot of time to discern.
It also strengthens your mentality and willpower. It makes your mind strong, with no weak focus. & you are able to learn SELF CONTROL. And able to learn how to control your anger & emotions. And you are also able to understand your own behavior, actions, words, thoughts, attitude, character, and values. And you are also able to become more aware and cautious of how you can act in social situations. And you are also able to know patience, true understanding, and know how to be reflective and sensitive. and it helps you discover yourself and know who your true self is. and it helps strengthen the ability to identify things. and it develops maturity. and humility

I’m actually a smart guy. Some friends know me as a genius, not saying this to toot my own horn. But my point is, sometimes when my immaturity gets the best of me, I can actually be the dumbest most stupid fool in history.

so with this said, i think everyone has the capability to be wise if they submit to authority. I realize now that we become stupid fools if we become impulsive to our emotions without taking a pause and assessing what’s going on. 

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